In case you are wondering whether this blog is actually managed by a rodent: No, it is not. I’m a 24 year old human being and neither as cute nor as furry as a squirrel, sorry for the disappointment. When I’m not hiding or eating nuts, I do the things everybody else seems to enjoy doing: reading, travelling, writing, drinking tea, daydreaming, being sarcastic, taking photographs, going to concerts, and so on.

And that’s basically what you can expect from this blog: stories about me doing things. Sounds boring and pretentious, I know, but give them a read anyway. You might enjoy them more than you think. You might hate them. You might not care at all. Why not find out right now?

P.S.: My Patronus is a red squirrel. Just imagine it were something else – The Dreamy Salmon or The Dreamy Pig would sound rather weird.